Our Child Support and Spousal Support Lawyers Handle a wide range of family law matters involving support, child support, spousal support, alimony, APL, arrears, issues with PACSES payments, and contempt proceedings. Our area of practice is not limited to Pittsburgh/Allegheny County. We handle the surrounding areas, including Beaver, Butler, and Washington Counties. Our Western Pennsylvania lawyers handle complex cases where expert evidence is needed to evaluate the earning of a self-employed invividual or business. Our child support lawyers can also discuss with you the differences between APL (Alimony Pendente Lite) and spousal support, and whether infidelity is a defense to either of these. We calculate the amount of support payable pursuant to the guidelines amounts by statute. Our Western PA lawyers also handle child custody matters involving parents (mothers and fathers), grandparents, stepparents, and others. We handle contempt actions involving pentalties, incarceration, garnished wages, license suspension. Learn about seemingly easy cases: You may be entitled to a modification even if the case seems simple: perhaps both parties are long time employees in stable jobs, or there are no issues about a child attending private school or special needs.

Basic Types of Support.
What are the basic types of support?

(1) SPOUSAL SUPPORT. Before either party files for divorce, a spouse who no longer resides with the other spouse can make a claim for spousal support. There are certain defenses to the payment of spousal support, such as infidelity or cheating, however, those defenses disappear once one party files for divorce and this form of support gets converted into something else automatically: APL.

(2) APL, or Alimony Pendite Lite. This is the same thing as spousal support, except, there are virtually no defenses to the receipt of APL where the payor makes more money than the payee. This is a form of spousal support that exists during divorce proceedings, i.e., once a party files for divorce. It is impotant for you to consider the tax implications for the different forms of support: spousal support versus APL, versus alimony, versus child support.

(3) ALIMONY. Once a divorce is finalized and a decree is entered, the obligation to pay support is called alimony. We will evaluate any claim for alimony, which is a form of support following a divorce and equitable distribution. We will look at whether the dependent party has an immediate obligtion to finish school or otherwise work to avoid making a claim for long term alimony;

(3) CHILD SUPPORT. Our Pittsburgh support attorneys will inform you about the likely amount of child support to be paid, which will depend on factors beyond simply the number of children. As with spousal support (above), we can discuss with you interstate and other complex issues in the area of child support. Our attorneys in Pittsburgh handle all kinds of support matters in PA.

We Handle Support Cases Across Western Pennsylvania including Beaver County, Washington County and Allegheny County. Our attorneys handle cases in Pittsburgh, PA, Shadyside, East Liberty, Monroeville, Bellevue, Avalon, Fox Chapel, McKeesport, Carnegie, East Liberty, Carson Street, Dormont, the North Side, South Side, and the surrounding areas. Our Beaver County support lawyers accept cases involving people from Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Ambridge, Baden, Beaver, BigBeaver, Bridgewater, Conway, Darlington, East Rochester, Eastvale, Economy, Ellwood City, Fallston, Frankfort Springs, Freedom, Georgetown, Glasgow, Homewood, Hookstown, Industry, Koppel, Midland, Monaca, New Brighton, New Galilee, Ohioville, Patterson, Heights, Rochester, Shippingport, South Heights, West Mayfield, Townships, Brighton Township, Erie, Center Township, Chippewa, Township, Darlington Township, Daugherty Township, Franklin Township, Greene Township, Hanover, Harmony Township, Hopewell Township, Independence Township, Marion Township, New Sewickley Township, North Sewickley Township, Patterson, Township, Potter Township, Pulaski Township, Raccoon Township, Rochester Township, South Beaver Township, and Vanport Township; Our washington County support law practice involves: Allenport, Burgettstown, Canonsburg, Donora, East Washington, McDonald, Donegal Township, Hanover Township, Hopewell Township, Independence Township, North Strabane Township, Nottingham Township, Pennsylvania. Our lawyers in Pittburgh handle all kinds of support.
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Get The Right Calculation.
A support obligation in Pennsylvania is a serious matter and it pays to make sure that support is calculated correctly. Because a support obligation involves money changing hands every month over a protracted period of time, it makes sense to get good advice early. Our Pittsburgh lawyers are here to get your case on the right track.

There could be an issue about earning capacity of one or both parties.

Your Options
A lawyer can also tell you what factors are relevant and, just as importantly, what factors are not relevant, which will save you time and effort. Ultimately, a lawyer can make sure that the conference officer, hearing officer, or judge evaluates the support obligation correctly.

Complicating Factors.
Many cases start out seeming simple, but calculating a support obligation can get tricky without an attorney: what are the tax consequences for the payor and payee? How is earning capacity calculated if a person opts not to work? Who pays what percentage of certain costs? Mortgages? The cost of health care? Braces? Day care?

When Should You Get Advice?
A child support obligation is always modifiable, in theory, but quite honestly, the courts will not want to hear from you every week to say why you think the numbers should change. Typically, a support obligation -- once entered as an order of court -- will not be modified absent a "change in circumstances." For this reason, it is that much more important to get the calculation right the first time.


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